Mission Statement

The mission of CAF Procurement Services is to establish a collaborative approach for value creation for all sourcing& Procurement activities. Resulting in responsible stewardship of CAF resources, customer-focused services, innovative suppliers, streamlining of business processes while maintaining CAF compliance, with sustainability and diversity woven into everything we do.

Value Statement

Procurement Services strives to be an ethical role model for our organization and peer institutions by demonstrating core values that are essential for building a best in class procurement operation. These core values are in direct alignment with CAF’s values:

Inclusiveness and diversity through engaging local and international suppliers, and utilizing diverse and inclusive suppliers where possible; Integrity and transparency through ethical behavior, with stated practices and policies, and communication of our goals and results;

Effective stewardship through ongoing financial goal setting to deliver value, emphasizing vendors promoting sustainable products and operating in a manner which supports attainment of the organization’s financial objectives.

Vision Statement

Procurement Services vision is to become a world-class procure-to-pay process by creating value through strategic thinking, efficient processes, technology system integrations and exceptional customer care.

As a steward of the resources‟ entrusted to its care by the General Assembly, it is necessary for CAF to achieve Best Value for Money (BVM) in procuring goods & services, according to mandates given to CAF by the General Assembly. It must do so, and be seen to be doing so, with fairness, integrity, and transparency.

These principles are the foundation of CAF procurement. Staff members are expected to comply with these procurement principles in performing their work with a high level of care and professionalism.

These mandates require that the following general principles shall be given due consideration:

a. Best Value for Money

b. Fairness, integrity, and transparency

c. Effective international competition

d. The interest of CAF

Environmental Statement

Procurement Services is committed towards the CAF organization to source goods and services from manufacturers and suppliers who share our environmental concern.

We strive to maximize customer value and achieve sustainable competitive advantage. Our procurement decisions respect and support the environment and our organization goal to reduce our carbon footprint.